2 BedRoom Ready To Use ,
MJR Platina apartment, Bangalore
  Rs.60 lakhs

This is exactly what you were looking for ! Your new address ! An apartment unlike all the others that you have owned.

Video is attached - click here :
Video of the total Ready To Use Project

Yes – it is not expensive. But it is not meant for the poor. These special apartments were waiting for a discerning, monied buyer. Because only you can afford the best - for 60 lakhs !

Truly the home of any successful Executive or a top notch businessman , because you understand luxury and appreciate privacy.

MJR Platina - Your new Address:
This 280 apartment ‘middle class but monied’ , high security , gated community located on Hosur road, with it’s ‘residents only’ private club with all club amenities (swimming, tennis, Table Tennis, Basket Ball hoop,  party hall, Jogging track etc) ,  Piped Gas to your apartment, Water Softening Plant, Water Filtration Plant, is located at  Kudlu Gate.

You deserve this, as your new address. A home – where you can Sink into luxury,comfort ,privacy and high security.

Buffered from Noise & Pollution:
A secluded address away from the hustle and bustle of city life – no sound, no pollution, and yet just half a minute away from the main road. And just the right protective middle class environment , value based and yet broad minded , a PAN India mix of cultured Indians have helped create a cocooned environment , in which you can pamper & nurture your loved ones.

Used & Tested and Teething Faults removed:
With only 7 out of 280 apartments remaining unsold, this is the right opportunity to invest. Because, you are certain that the existing residents have tested the available facilities for the faults therein. And have faught with the builders to ensure that the teething problems do not remain. You now have a project that has been tested and proven to be happily liveable.

Enjoy creating your Santuary now:
The ambience – the interiors – meaning the colour combinations, the design of your bedroom , the drawing room, the Home Theatre , the master bed room, the children’s room, the prayer cum meditation corner, the fittings and fixtures – all of this - would be designed by your carpenter as per your choice from various catalogues. This would be your Lion’s Den – your sanctuary.

The Ambience that serenates your new address :

Carefully interpreted in 2 small bedrooms in in a G + 9 building with your dedicated (permanently yours)  car parking in Basement within a walkable distance from the grocery stores, vegetable markets on the right and left of your project, hair cutting saloons, beauty parlours, Hospitals , malls, software companies, Hosur Main road, cinema halls etc, this huge project offers luxury right in the heart of the city at just 60 lakhs. Developed with an exquisite sense of style and combined with the old world charm,  it brings forth the elegance and grace of an age when life was leisure and every day a celebration.

Stretch out your arms to yawn and realise that it is 10.00am on a Sunday morning. Sip tea in the early morning in your Balcony, and watch the white birds glide down to the flyover to proceed towards the lake on the other side. Or maybe watch the cars go zoom - zooming by.  Make yourself a healthy breakfast with brocholi, lots of salad and a sandwich(avoid the butter and the ham),  and watch with around 5 close friends and a small cold drink in your hand - all the successful movies that you want - in your own drawing room cum Home theater cum Bar . Oh Yes - Fill up your bar with the choisest of good taste.
Don't miss the beer !
Keep your antacid strips ready in the medicine closet to avoid a hangover.

Some play Table Tennis or Cricket on both Saturdays and Sundays ! Join the team ! You may have a swimming competition soon and Picnics !  This Project has already seen all the residents celebrating the festivals of fellow residents with no bar on religion or community. Christmas, New Years, Ganesh Chaturthi, Onam, Lohri and very soon Durga Pooja too! Everybody seems to enjoy contributing with no qualms for such an effort that encourages a positive multi-cultural environment. A melting pot of many people of India.

On every other day - melt your extra pounds in your Private Multi Gym.

Living is easy in this specially designed residential project . As a premium residential apartment development project designed to offer an unequalled lifestyle, your ‘would be’ new address ensures that life goes on uninterrupted. A slew of services assure stress-free living, from  Security Guards at every corner, 24 hour Facility Personnel to repair your every faulty equipment, etc right down to thoughtful features like smoke alarms. It is located amidst a very serene environment with abundance of greenery, a natural lake on the South and a meandering flyover(true!) on the North with lights of the cars streaming down the flyover like a celebration of fireworks .

Good Investment Return, Rental Guaranteed:
Kudlu Gate  on Hosur Raod(near Madiwala ) is the new commercial and retail hub of Bangalore city opposite to Technology centres an I T Special Economic Zone , a Mall and many hotels.

Once this project gets the Completion Certificate then the value is certain to rise to 70 lakhs or more. Then the Metro Station stop will open up right besides your entrance gate. That would make your investment shoot up to upwards of 1 crore !! Wow !

Your ‘would be’ new address is the home , no actually the sanctuary , that you were searching for so long. This is your final home cocooned from the roar of vehicles and the dust of Bangalore city and yet  when you wish to get a taste of the other world well – simply walk around or drive around in the vicinity of major IT companies,5-star hotels, restaurants, retail outlets, famed educational institutions, round the clock medical help and social infrastructure.

This is your new life style that you had promised your family - "when you have the money". Well - you have the money now !

Ring us up now - ONI CONSULTANTS - let us hold your hand and guide you to your main door - the entrance to your new home. Ring 9339149499 or 08049596411 now. Speak with me - Aniruddha Roy Choudhury